eSTIP and eTIP Software Solution

Modern, integrated eSTIP and eTIP cloud solution: making transportation visions a reality.

EcoInteractive TIP / STIP sofware

DOT and MPO planners are using ProjectTracker SaaS to:

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Focus on Planning

Let ProjectTracker handle the day-to-day administrative tasks surrounding transportation planning:

  • Capturing and validating proposed project updates from sponsors.
  • Automating notifications when review actions are needed.
  • Streamlining the review process at all organization levels.

ProjectTracker lets planners do what they do best – drive the transportation vision for their community forward.

Tell a Compelling Story

Showcase your transportation vision and your organization’s efforts to external stakeholders via an always-up-to-date and interactive public website.

Demonstrate insights relevant to internal stakeholders via flexible, built-in reporting tools.

Trust Your Data

Make planning and scheduling decisions based upon data that you can trust.

ProjectTracker utilizes multiple levels of user access to restrict updates to only projects relevant to the respective user while all previously-approved project data is retained for comparison during review.

Maximize Funding Utilization

ProjectTracker’s financial summary reports let you quickly identify how current and proposed amendments impact funding utilization, making it easy to demonstrate financial constraint with each amendment and identify where funding is underutilized.

Integration with FHWA’s FMIS obligation data provides insights into obligation actions at the individual project and transaction level.

Reduce Review Time

Save time reviewing amendments by letting ProjectTracker automatically highlight relevant changes, streamlining the review process.

Easily accept or reject proposed changes while always retaining the previously-approved version of the project for historical purposes.

Support Changing Needs

Both your transportation vision and the regulations surrounding it will evolve over time.

Benefit from ProjectTracker’s 20 years of domain expertise with a nationwide community of DOTs and MPOs providing continual product innovations and support that evolve with you.

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