Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

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Before 2019, each of Arizona’s agencies produced STIP / TIP adoption and amendment records with widely varying outputs in terms of appearance and format. These differences made it more challenging and time-consuming for State and Federal stakeholders to get a clear picture of projects in the STIP and the individual amendments without additional manual effort to reconcile the inconsistencies.


In 2019, ADOT implemented EcoInteractive’s ProjectTracker SaaS platform (eSTIP) solution which included seven modules:

  • STIP / TIP Project Tracking
  • FMIS Obligation
  • Document Manager
  • Reporting
  • Public Site
  • GIS
  • Call for Projects (CFP)


By implementing a holistic STIP / TIP planning solution and bringing the vast majority of agencies in the state onto the platform, ADOT was able to promote consistency in their STIP by creating a standard method for agencies to submit their STIP / TIP adoptions and amendments. Their robust platform allowed for significant savings in time and effort for all stakeholders involved. The real-time project data changes are reflected in the mapping, reporting, and public site, thereby reducing friction in the STIP process and providing a centralized transportation project data resource for the entire state of Arizona.

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