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EcoInteractive TIP / STIP sofware
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We build peerless STIP and TIP planning software so that planners can build a world-class transportation vision.
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Delivering Efficient Innovations

  • From weeks to days for approving the STIP / TIP plans and amendments.
  • Distribute workload and empower project sponsors / owners to manage their projects data and reporting tools.
  • Easily identify under-utilized funding with a daily, directly-integrated feed of obligation data from FHWA’s FMIS.

Engaging the Right Audiences

  • Connect with stakeholders easily using a public-facing, interactive STIP / TIP module.
  • Tell the right story for different audiences using flexible tools.
  • Enable seamless collaboration between Federal, State, and Local users with configurable access levels.

Building Proven Solutions Nationally

  • 1000+ staff hours saved across DOT, MPO, Federal, and Local partners.
  • Continuous product innovations designed to address planners’ evolving needs.
  • Over 15 years of success as a trusted, gold-standard SaaS solution for STIP and TIP planners.


We empower regulators with mission critical software tools to protect our communities’ previous environment and water resources.
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Streamlining Clean-up Investigations

  • Enable managers and staff to effectively oversee, store, and share information seamlessly.
  • Manage the permitting of commercial facilities to treat, store, and dispose of hazardous waste.
  • Easily issue enforcements and violations where necessary.

Supporting Diverse Business Needs

  • Integrate data to easily share information across the organization with our web-based platform.
  • Functionality includes project tracking, document archiving, financial accounting, laboratory data management, and risk management tools.
  • Analyze relationships between cost, lab, field, risk, and compliance data.

Protecting Local Environments

  • Regulatory programs that have found huge success leveraging EcoTracker SaaS include RCRA sites and Superfund sites.
  • Our SaaS solution has been instrumental in regulating leaking underground storage tanks, military bases, landfills, and brownfields in clean-up initiatives.
  • EcoTracker SaaS is currently used to track over 70,000 clean-up sites in California.

OUR Mission

At EcoInteractive, we believe that efficient workflows drive impact. That’s why, for the last 15 years, our world-class software solutions have been optimizing and facilitating collaboration for federal, state, and local government workflows across the country. We are expert partners in the transportation and environmental government spaces and we’re here to empower decision-makers to effectively build connected, efficient, and prosperous communities.


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