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March 31, 2021

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) use all kinds of data to support their metropolitan transportation planning processes...

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Transportation Data: Who Knew Goldilocks was so Elusive?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) use all kinds of data to support their metropolitan transportation planning processes...
caitlyn cook association of metropolitan planning organizations (AMPO) technical programs director

Transportation Planning: Tips for Putting Out Fires

Every transportation planning organization must balance tackling new priorities while maintaining routine work on schedule and on budget, all while effectively responding to daily "fires" to be successful...
Shelby Powell North Carolina Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (NC CAMPO) MPO

Transportation Planning Process

At its core, the transportation planning process is a PROCESS. It is a process that strives to delicately and appropriately combine three inputs...
urban train and highway system

How Will Buttigieg Impact Transportation Policy?

New Transportation Secretary nominee Buttigieg looks to impact transportation projects with his 4 pillars of transportation policy - jobs, climate change, equity & safety.

Transportation Planning for MPOS

EcoInteractive is happy to introduce a new blog series we are calling: "Back to Basics" for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and other planning organizations like...
transportation infrastructure road project mobile programming

The 4 Steps of Good Transportation Planning

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in collaboration with their member jurisdictions make decisions on how to best...
Kristen Zimmerman Wichita Kansas MPO Transportation Planner

Do You Suffer From TIP Amendment Anxiety?

HI, I’m Kristen Z., and I have TIP Amendment Anxiety. Yep, you read that right, I have (self-diagnosed) TIP Amendment Anxiety.

The Evolution of Running an Errand – and Its Impact on the Future of Transportation

How we run errands has changed dramatically in the last decade. What does that mean for the future of our transportation infrastructure to be able to support our evolving needs?

CARES ACT – Direct Federal Aid for New Digital Solutions Promoting Telework

The Coronavirus Relief Fund provides direct federal assistance to state and local governments to support digital transitions that promote telework and remote collaboration for the safety of public employees. Is your agency expenditure eligible?
Public Engagement

Improving Engagement and Equity in Public Outreach

Every year more opportunities and tools evolve to engage the public in the transportation planning process. How do we leverage these to increase public involvement while maintaining equity across multiple demographics?
urban transportation infrastructure bicycle pedestrian roadways

Future of Travel: Transportation’s Pandemic New Normal

As the pandemic rages and certainty on almost everything is a daily moving target, one thing appears certain: we will not be returning to ‘normal’ anytime soon. And that means, the way we travel, commute, and vacation, at least in the medium-term, has changed.

Local Taxes and Investors Fund Transportation During COVID-19

State and municipal transportation agencies are not waiting on federal aid before securing other sources of financing.
Remote Work

Evolving Transportation Planning to Reflect Acceleration of Telework

Are your Long Range Plan and STIP/TIP plans reflective of a changing future?

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