Project Delivery

Transform delay risks into informed decisions.

Project Delivery at a Glance

  • Fully integrated with the project planning process
  • Request electronic updates from sponsors on a recurring basis
  • Review milestone changes and take action
  • Robust standard and ad-hoc reporting tools
  • ADA-compliant user interface
  • Conforms with SOC 2 standards for information security

Trusted by DOTs, MPOs and other planning agencies across the country, ProjectTracker is the leading SaaS solution for TIP/STIP/CIP Management, helping program leaders drive improved outcomes and providing measurable time savings for the agency.

The Project Delivery module for ProjectTracker SaaS increases visibility into the delivery process with electronic workflows between your agency and project sponsors ensuring that you stay ahead of delays and optimize the use of programmed dollars.


Effortless Stakeholder Communication

Gathering updates from stakeholders and manually updating spreadsheets can be time-consuming and prone to error. Maintaining accountability for the information and tying it back to the plan can be challenging. With ProjectTracker, agencies are empowered to input their own updates on your timeline. Define the frequency at which sponsors are requested to provide updates on the status of each milestone, approve their updates, and then use the robust reporting tools in the system to quickly analyze any discrepancies.

Stay Ahead of Delay Risks.

Use ProjectTracker to transform delay risks into informed decisions by gaining real-time insights into project milestones. Identify potential delays early and mitigate their cascading impact on your TIP or STIP. Proactively mitigate delays, reduce preventable amendments, and stay ahead of your timeline.


Maximize Funding Efficiency

Improve your financial efficiency by using real-time visibility to adjust letting timelines as circumstances change. Should delays arise, be ready to redirect available funds towards those projects that are shovel-ready. Minimize the risk of underutilized funds and ensure the momentum of your project pipeline continues.

Benefits for Planners:

  • Enhanced Planning Process: Fully integrated with the project planning process, planners can review milestone changes, take action, and run ad-hoc reports to help plan effectively.
  • Accurate Data for Planning: By requesting electronic updates from sponsors on a recurring basis, planners get accurate, real-time data that makes forecasting and strategy development easier and more efficient.
  • Optimize use of funds: Easily identify shovel-ready projects that can move forward to optimize obligation delivery. Minimize the risk of losing obligated funds due to projects not starting in the year funding is programmed.

Benefits for Project Delivery Managers:

  • Simplified Workflow: Eliminate the hassle of chasing sponsors for updates. With ProjectTracker, agencies input their own updates on your timeline, simplifying the tracking and management process.
  • Manage Delay Risks: Quickly understand which project milestones are falling behind their schedules, and take swift action. This helps prevent the cascading effect of project delays, saving you and your team valuable time and effort.

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