Transportation Project Long Range Planning (MTP / LRTP) Module

Our Long Range Plan module allows transportation agencies and their sponsors to easily program, update, and manage transportation projects in the MTP alongside projects in other plans (e.g., TIP). Our cloud-based, SaaS platform allows stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly in real-time on a consolidated project database with automated updates, minimizing time spent managing disparate documents and communicating via email.

  • Easily program, update, and manage long-range transportation projects
  • Consolidate all transportation projects in cloud-based platform as record of truth
  • Seamlessly collaborate with local, state, and federal stakeholders with multi-level user access
Transportation planning project software long-range planning module

Efficiently manage and program long-range projects on a consolidated cloud-based solution with local, state, and federal stakeholders in real-time so planners and programmers can focus on what they do best.

DOTs and MPOs long-range planning for transportation improvement program
  • Quickly accept or reject proposed project changes while retaining previously-approved historical versions and managing projects for the long-term.
  • Automatic notifications to keep stakeholders up-to-date on project status
  • Ensure accountability with user and time-stamps plus error detection

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