Wichita Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO)

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Leading up to 2016 at WAMPO, routine processing of amendments was a tedious, time and resource-intensive effort. In order to gather project data, WAMPO had to send an internally-built Microsoft Access database between sponsors in its entirety. There was no versioning and in order to update the main database, the transportation planner would need to go into each individual email, open the emails, extract the tables from the database, then export the new tables back into the main database.

This led to a number of basic errors, particularly with funding information for projects. The process of compiling all of the data and manually generating the reports was very burdensome, both in terms of project data gathering and in terms of QC for the collected project data.

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In 2016, WAMPO implemented EcoInteractive’ ProjectTracker SaaS platform solution including seven modules for:

  • TIP Project Tracking
  • FMIS Obligation
  • Document Management
  • Reporting
  • Public-facing Site
  • GIS Mapping
  • Long Range Plan (LRTP)



Routine processing time of amendments went from weeks to less than 2 hours. Versioning on the platform allowed planners to keep track of changes in an organized way as well as maintain a record of communication between WAMPO and its staff.

Built-in standard reporting features (e.g., financial constraints and summary of changes) saved WAMPO staff time from having to manually build reports for internal committees and KDOT. Additionally, the FMIS Obligation module allowed tracking of obligation activity with direct access to the FMIS database, data that the agency did not have direct access to previously. This direct linkage to the FMIS database with updated daily data allowed WAMPO to accurately forecast its’ ending Federal Fiscal Year sub-allocated funding balance, further enhancing WAMPO’s ability to accurately plan for future transportation projects.

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