Performance Measures

New eSTIP and eTIP Product Feature Release: Performance Measures Module

Since FHWA announced guidelines for incorporating performance measures (PM) into transportation planning, planning agencies have taken different approaches to reflecting PM goals in short-range planning. 

At Eco, we’ve been supporting our eTIP and eSTIP software clients as they work to evolve different methodologies that incorporate performance measures into their planning process and software tools.

Recognizing that MPOs and DOTs need flexibility when adopting a performance measures framework most suitable to their jurisdiction’s stage and needs – we’re excited to announce our new Performance Measures Module as part of our suite of eSTIP and eTIP software products. All of which include self-serve configuration of new functionalities, specifically designed for tracking and reporting performance measures in transportation plans! 

When the PM module is turned on by admins, project sponsors will see a new tab on projects with categories of pre-configured questions to answer. Each category can be toggled on or off depending on whether they’re relevant to the project:

Client admins can self-configure how they’d like to setup the PM module – for example, which PM categories to track, what types of questions to include, what answer options to provide sponsors, etc:

Users can also access the companion PM module reporting tool to analyze the aggregated responses for their own customized questions across all reported projects:

We’re excited to release this new feature to support the evolving needs of planning agencies in the midst of a changing regulatory landscape. Questions? Reach out to us at

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