Obligation Tracking

Better transparency leads to optimized funding

Obligation Tracking at a Glance

  • FMIS integration to pull updated obligation and expenditure data every night
  • Transaction-level detail on each project
  • Obligated, expended, and advance construction dollar tracking and reporting
  • Robust standard and ad-hoc reporting tools
  • ADA-compliant user interface
  • Conforms with SOC 2 standards for information security

Trusted by DOTs, MPOs and other transportation planning agencies across the country, ProjectTracker is the leading SaaS solution for TIP/STIP Management, helping program leaders drive improved outcomes and providing measurable time savings for the agency.


The Obligation Module of ProjectTracker SaaS helps you easily identify underutilized funding with automated obligation tracking from FMIS for your projects and easy-to-use reporting tools.


Focus on the right work

Don’t spend your precious time figuring out how to get obligation data and work with it. Instead, focus on value-added tasks like maximizing obligation opportunities and program outcomes. Leverage the years of work we’ve spent as an organization developing the expertise and technical know-how to simplify accessing and working with FMIS obligation data for MPO planners.

Align Stakeholders and Improve Transparency

Get a better understanding of what has been obligated with nightly data updates directly from FMIS. Understand what has been allocated to your agency, which projects have been obligated and for how much. Sponsors can quickly login and see the obligation balances and expenditures for their own projects including transaction-level details without needing to send an email or pick up the phone.


Compete for surplus balances & stay ahead of delay risks

Combine the Obligation Module of ProjectTracker with our Project Delivery module to gain real-time insights into project milestones. With a better understanding of which projects are ready for commitment, you can easily present these projects to the state during the August Redistribution to potentially secure additional funding. Additionally, identifying potential delays on obligated projects earlier allows you to mitigate the risk of losing funding.

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