South Central Planning & Development Commission Selects EcoInteractive’s ProjectTracker to improve TIP Process efficiency

SAN FRANCISCO, California, March 8, 2024 //– South Central Planning & Development Commission (SCPDC) has partnered with EcoInteractive – the leading provider of integrated eTIP and eSTIP cloud software – to utilize ProjectTracker eTIP to streamline efficiency and collaboration in the TIP planning process, improve program quality and planning outcomes, and deliver greater public engagement. 

“We are thrilled to welcome SCPDC to our extensive list of capital program owner agencies in the U.S, and look forward to supporting their goals of leveraging modern technology to streamline planning processes with internal and external stakeholders across south-central Louisiana” says Nadia Bhatti, VP of Sales at EcoInteractive. 

“SCPDC’s commitment to modernizing and improving operational efficiencies is apparent. It is becoming increasingly critical to leverage best-in-class technology in strategic, multi-stakeholder, mission critical workflows such as transportation programming to ensure the delivery of better outcomes for staff teams, partner agencies and public constituents.”

SCPDC will use EcoInteractive’s technology to streamline the planning workflow of the Transportation Improvement Program with external partner agencies including local agencies, their state DOT and federal review agencies.

About EcoInteractive

EcoInteractive is the provider of ProjectTracker SaaS – the leading cloud-based software solution sEcoInteractive is the provider of ProjectTracker SaaS – the leading cloud-based software solution specifically designed for transportation planners’ needs. Its eSTIP and eTIP software support DOTs, MPOs and local capital program planners across more than 23 states. Project tracker SaaS helps program owners transform transportation planning processes, drive greater efficiencies and collaboration, bring together internal and external stakeholders with integrated workflows, make better decisions with powerful integrated data, and deliver better planning outcomes in transparency and engagement.

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