California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)


The California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) needed a more efficient way for regulators to track, monitor and manage large volumes of casework data, as well as easily perform data analysis to identify macro and micro trends.

Additionally, regulators needed a tool to quickly identify issue areas for targeted action and integrate acceptance of various lab data submissions from the regulated community.  

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The SWRCB selected EcoInteractive to implement a customized version of EcoInteractive’s off-the-shelf SaaS platform EcoTracker. The resulting software solution became known as GeoTracker at the SWRCB.

The first iteration of GeoTracker only supported the workflow of one program. Over time, GeoTracker expanded significantly to manage the project workflow, data management and analytics needs of more than 15 programs and site types for the SWRCB, including:

  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Abandoned Underground Storage Tanks
  • Permitted Underground Storage Tanks
  • Irrigated Lands
  • Groundwater Cooperatives
  • Land Disposal
  • Military Cleanup
  • Military Privatized
  • Military Underground Storage Tanks
  • Waste Discharge Requirements
  • Injection Wells
  • Sampling Points

Today, the SWRCB utilizes GeoTracker to provide a unified system for all relevant participants including regulators and business users in the regulated community to submit data, track progress, conduct reviews and correspondence.

The platform is also used by regulators to perform targeted analysis and data reporting for a variety of stakeholders.



By leveraging GeoTracker’s streamlined data tracking, EDF data standard acceptance and analytical reporting tools – the SWRCB has been able to:

  1. Make more data-driven decisions to move program efforts forward.
  2. Unify standards across regional boards while accommodating each areas’ unique needs.
  3. Demonstrate compliance with USEPA requirements and achieve time savings for regulators so they can focus more on high value analysis.

Utilizing the system’s unique capabilities, the SWRCB has been able to drive successful outcomes across various programs including:

  1. The Irrigated Lands program utilizing data tracking and GIS capabilities within GeoTracker to easily identify non-enrolled farm entities for additional follow-ups.
  2. The Central regional board keying in on potential upstream entities’ nitrogen practices that were impacting downstream groundwater quality while working with coalition groups on remedial action.
  3. Regulators have saved significant time complying with Freedom of Information Act requests by pointing inquirers to GeoTracker’s integrated public website, which contains automated case data updates for public access.
  4. The Cleanup program has developed enhanced protection against fraudulent reimbursement claims for its $300 million cleanup fund with digitized data tracking in the integrated invoice submittal module.

On a typical day, GeoTracker is used by over 11,000 users across regulators and the regulated community. More than 2,000 regulatory users from the nine Regional Water Boards and over 100 local agencies access GeoTracker to manage workflow related to cleanup efforts, waste discharge, data collection on farm irrigation from farmers, groundwater quality monitoring and more across more than 98,000 cases and sites.

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