Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG)

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ACOG recognized that in order for MPOs to quickly and accurately source, review, and fund projects, moving away from managing the TIP with highly manual processes would be essential.

Over the course of five years, the agency attempted to move away from a paper-based application process (up to 50-100 physical pages per application for staff review) to a hybrid paper and digital solution, but needed assistance to fully move away from having to review supplemental paper applications.

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In 2017, ACOG partnered with EcoInteractive to implement a fully digitized eTIP solution (ProjectTracker) to help meet both regional and national goals.

ProjectTracker allows sponsors to save projects  before submitting as well as map each project and attach all relevant documents in a single record of truth.

Coupled with the fully integrated public site, ACOG can now easily engage
the public and show constituents the fruits of optimized transportation planning instantly.


Digitizing our eTIP was a huge force multiplier, our previous process involved our staff reviewing hundreds of thousands of application papers to now having an electronic database that auto-tracks and records all submissions, cutting our staff time spent processing each project by more than half and easing collaboration between staff members by allowing multiple review to happen at the same time

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