A Note From Our CEO: On COVID-19

For our Valued Partners and the rest of the world, these are unprecedented times...

The COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated how incredibly connected the world has become, and that when it comes to global health, we’re all in it together. During these challenging times, the entire team at EcoInteractive remains committed to supporting our clients in their mission-critical work at their respective agencies.

Our teams continue to stay hard at work, offering full support to our existing partners, onboarding new partners, and continuing to develop industry-leading products and services.

Our operations continue uninterrupted as we step-up additional measures to safeguard the welfare of our employees.

We are fully supported through robust back-up protocols, with teams that can operate in both remote and co-located offices – this affords us full flexibility to support any need that arises.

We are here for our clients, we’re doing well, and fully prepared.

As our clients in government agencies potentially consider greater virtual collaboration across more partner agencies – we want to emphasize how to best leverage our cloud-based solution in this new paradigm of remote work:

  • Our software solutions enable multi-stakeholder project workflow, data management, and data analytics from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.
  • Clients of our software solutions can add additional users, anytime, for free, with unlimited cap in our ProjectTracker and EcoTracker software, so administrators can allow more users to access and review data and data changes in our platforms in real-time.
  • Clients with the integrated public website module can leverage it to maintain engagement and transparency with the public community so that anyone can stay up-to-date on automated programming changes in lieu of in-person meetings.

We are grateful to our clients who continue to serve as role models in their communities, upholding the torch of public service in these turbulent times. Their work matters now more than ever, and we are proud to support them as committed partners.

Jessie Yu, CEO

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