Environmental Cleanup & Permitting

Our EcoTracker software as a service will streamline tracking of investigations and environmental cleanup at sites with known or potential contamination from hazardous substances. Our EcoTracker software as a service is currently used to track over 70,000 cleanup sites in California.

EcoTracker helps you efficiently manage the permitting of commercial facilities to treat, store, and dispose of hazardous waste and issue enforcements and violations. Our software has proven a huge success for many regulatory programs such as RCRA sites, leaking underground storage tanks, Superfund sites, military bases, landfills, and brownfields.

taking environmental data sample
Danger Hazardous Chemicals

EcoTracker Software as a Service

  • Very low costs
  • Eliminates on-site infrastructure and IT costs
  • Quick implementation - typically 1-3 months
  • Very low risk - over 10 years of success
  • Powerful and secure IT infrastructure
  • Helpdesk support included in monthly cost
  • Software is customized to meet your needs