e-Government Receiving System

Our e-GovTracker software as a service streamlines tracking of laboratory, field measurement, maps, and environmental reports. E-GovTracker is currently used to track water quality data, soil sampling results, or air/vapor data at over 480,000 field locations in California.

Easy to use web-driven tools allow responsible parties (or their contractors) to submit data and documents. Dynamic error checking and alerts streamline quality control of the data sets and help users understand and resolve data issues as they submit their data. Web-driven tools for regulatory staff help them easily view and analyze these massive datasets. This large data and document repository can also serve as the administrative record for the regulatory process.

The e-GovTracker software as a service is extremely robust and completely scalable to meet your needs.

Taking soil sample
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e-GovTracker Software as a Service

  • Very low costs
  • Eliminates on-site infrastructure and IT costs
  • Quick implementation - typically 1-3 months
  • Very low risk - over 10 years of success
  • Powerful and secure IT infrastructure
  • Helpdesk support included in monthly cost
  • Software is customized to meet your needs